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Enzolytics, Inc. is a drug development company committed to the commercialization of its proprietary proteins for the treatment of debilitating infectious diseases.  Enzolytics is committed to creating drugs for the better health of mankind. 

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Enzolytics, Inc.'s  flagship compound ITV-1 is a suspension of Inactivated Pepsin Fragment (IPF), which studies have shown is effective in the treatment of HIV. IPF is the active drug substance of ITV-1 and is a purified extract of porcine pepsin. ITV-1 has been shown to modulate the immune system. IPF is a platform technology that can be used to facilitate a broad range of applications. It is free from major neurological, gastrointestinal and hematological side effects seen in the anti-retrovirals in use today. IPF has not shown to be subject to viral resistance and is cost effective.

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This bio-product has shown low toxicity and is well accepted by the body system. Clinical trials in Bulgaria show improvements in immunity. 



Harry Zhabilov

President and CEO

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