Enzolytics currently holds a 49% Interest in Immunotech Laboratories BG-Europe. Immunotech BG-Europe has a license for the development and commercialization of Enzolytics Patented ITV-1 Technology. Immunotech BG-Europe , under the branded ImmunH , utilizing the technology has successfully completed Phase III clinical trials at the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Infectious and Parasite Disease in Sofia, Bulgaria, specific for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

ImmunoTech Laboratories BG-Europe has filed for a mass use permit, Phase IV, in Bulgaria. Enzolytics is seeking a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) in the United States to produce the Immunotherapy Treatment to be used as the validation batch in coordination with the Bulgarian regulatory authority and Immunotech BG-Europe.

Additionally, ImmunoTech BG-Europe has informed Enzolytics that they will be seeking to register the ImmunH product as a ImmuneModulator, allowing use as an adjunct in additional applications to regulate or normalize the Immune System.